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Fund and market statistics

The Danish Investment Association publishes statistics on performance, costs, fund risc as well as market development. So if you are looking for statistics on Danish investment funds, you have come to the right place.  
A profile of the Danish market 2015
  • Total AuM (Assets under Management) in investment funds targeted private investors (retail funds) increased to DKK 751 billion end of 2015. Total AuM in institutional investment funds increased by 7.6 percent to DKK 1,060 billion. Assets in funds targeted foreign investors increased to DKK 42 billion. The Danish tax rules are still preventing export of distributing investment funds to foreign investors. The total assets of all investment funds wereDKK 1,853 billion.
  • Investment funds targeted private investors received net inflows amounting to DKK 47 billion – part of which was reinvested dividends. The total net issues in private and institutional fundsamounted to DKK 59 billion.
  • Dividends in distributing funds targeted private investors amounted to DKK 20.9 billion. The majority of the dividends was in investments funds investing in foreign equities.
  • Investment funds targeting private investors hadtotal gains including dividends of DKK 33.5 billion in 2015. The dollar rose 11.6 percent to DKK and the increase contributed to high performance figures in many equity funds with dollar denominated securities
  • Funds investing in Danish and global equities had the largest netissues in 2015 among all equities funds. Total netissues in equity funds was DKK 9.5 billion, Net inflows in funds with global and Danish equities was DKK 13.1  and 2.9 billion, respectively.
  • Total net redemptions in emerging markets equity and emerging markets bond funds were DKK 13.3 billion
  • Funds investing in foreign securites were most popular in 2015 with total netissus in 2015 amounting to DKK 16.6 billion. Funds investing in Danish bonds had netissuesamounting to DKK 10.9 billion.
  • 41 funds in were launched in 015, while nine funds closed. The majority of the new funds and classes are investing in foreign markets. 18 funds invest in foreign equities while 15 invest in foreign bonds.
  • The largest part of the assets in investment funds targeting private investors is still invested in foreign securities. Total assets in investment funds with foreign equities are DKK 272 billion and have a market share of 36 percent of all retail funds. Funds investing in foreign bonds have assets of DKK 200 billion and a share of 27 percent.
  • The total turnover of investments listed at Copenhagen Investment Fund Exchange, IFX, rose in 2015 to a total of DKK 331 billion. The average daily turnover of listed investment certificates was DKK 1.3 billion.
Market statistics

IFB publishes Danish market statistics monthly covering the trends in the Danish fund market. English versions are published semiannually - look below. Please do not hesitate to call us, if you have any questions.   

Market statistics December 2015

Market statistics June 2015

Market statistics December 2014

Market statistics December 2013

Market statistics June 2013 

Market statistics December 2012


Other statistics

Since the mid 80's the IFB has published official performance statistics for Danish funds.

Today performance figures are published each month. The statistics include fund performance, annualised standard deviation and Sharpe Ratio. Furthermore we publish annual statistics on costs - including the Danish cost figure "ÅOP" - (Annual expense ratio). 

The figures and data are only available in Danish

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